1. What kind of wood do you use?
Answer: We use wood that is Michigan grown. We use cedar, oak, maple, pine, cherry and some other types occasionally.
2.What types of finishes do you use?
Answer: We offer any shade of stain, as well as painted pieces. We use a sealer/lacquer or poly finish on stained pieces. We also manufacture naked furniture for those that wish to finish the piece themselves.
3. Do you offer custom pieces.
Answer: Yes….but we reserve the right to say no if we don’t feel as though we can manufacture a piece that everyone would be pleased with.
4. Do you still offer Concealment Furniture (furniture with hidden compartments)?
Answer: Yes….upon request.
5. Do you ship furniture?
Answer: Yes and no. Depending on the piece and the cost.
6.Is Mio your only location?
Answer: No. We are a wholesaler as well  a manufacturing direct sales company. We have some retail locations currently in southern Michigan.
7. Do you offer your furniture, bird boxes and feeders to retailers?
Answer: Yes. We already have quite a few retailers for our birding products. Give us a call.
8. Do you offer anything back for all the trees you use?
Answer: Yes. Absolutely. The wood that we use comes directly from the Michigan Forest through proper land management programs, and then is sent to local mills and then delivered to us. Ausable River Mfg. donates a portion of each piece we sell back to the State of Michigan Reforestation Program and The Michigan Audubon Society.